NOVA Faculty Research

NASA Opportunities for Visionary Academics

Dennis W. Sunal and Kimberly Staples 

NOVA Data Collection

This site has been developed to collect data on your NOVA course.  This information is important for updating our NASA status report on NOVA institutions.  This information will also enhance future professional development activities for NOVA institutions.  Please complete items 1-2 below.

1.  Please begin the Interim Survey by pressing the following hyperlink. [Interim Survey]    

2.  Next please send copies of your conference papers and published articles as an attachment file to includes copies of all presentations and  published articles as a result of your NOVA work.  If you prefer to send your articles and information by mail, please send to:

Dennis W. Sunal, Professor

The University of Alabama

Alabama Science Teaching and Learning Center

302-C Graves Hall

P. O. Box 870232

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0232

Fax: 205-348-9863

Please complete the survey and send conference papers and articles by June 20, 2001A confirmation notice will be sent to you upon reception of the above items.

University of Alabama

Fayetteville State University

University of Idaho